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Sahil Gupta

With roll up sleeves, dive in and get the job done approach, it was in the year 2010 when Sahil started Parangat Technologies. Emphasizing a healthy work culture and technology-driven company, he has successfully created a workplace where people love to work and live. He is a software engineer and a passionate blockchain enthusiast.

Today, IoT and AI are the building blocks for anything digital and disruptive. These mind-blowing concepts will bring about more connection, intelligence,

The confluence of two revolutionary technologies, blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI), has become a dynamic innovation catalyst in the quickly evolving technology

Why Parangat Technologies?  We at Parangat Technologies want to “Smooth Sail Your Website Experience.” We get your job done on time, on

Artificial Intelligence has entered every part of your business operations, and it has happened to a great extent in automating business operations.

From automating repetitive coding tasks to streamlining testing, bugging, and deployment, AI (artificial intelligence) can supercharge your application development in many ways.

Chatbots are quickly becoming essential tools in the fast-paced world of digital transformation for companies looking to improve customer happiness, increase productivity,

The Internet of Things (IoT) has significantly transformed our daily routines in recent years, to the extent that even individuals who are

The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) into video chat services signifies a paradigm change in communication within the ever-evolving field of technology.

Ensuring the success of your web and mobile apps in the modern age of technology requires a focus on creating user-friendly experiences.

Connected devices have permeated every facet of our lives due to the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT), and now on

Artificial intelligence (AI) greatly impacts the video game, film, and advertising industries, changing several creative professions and, thus, the overall media and

National security has a strong interest in AI due to its potential to bring about significant changes in military applications. Adaptive AI

The digital landscape of 2024 is filled with interconnected devices that are influencing our daily lives in ways that used to exist

The importance of technology in the constantly changing world of telecommunications cannot be emphasized. Over the years, the industry has seen profound

Artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved dramatically over the past few decades, moving from rule-based algorithms to more intricate systems that mimic many

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is one of the newest and fastest-growing technologies. It was one of the most often provided

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a transforming force in today’s quickly changing business landscape, providing a range of compelling advantages to

You’re not the only one who has been pondering the distinction between UI and UX design. Despite their frequent interchangeability, they refer

A seamless and entertaining mobile app user experience is crucial in today’s rapidly evolving digital environment. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has given designers

Nowadays, a lot of companies are shifting their business practices online. We seldom ever see somebody operating a firm without its digital

Auto-GPT, which stands for Automatic Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a revolutionary AI agent that redefines the field by continuously improving its design.

Experts predict that a significant amount of software globally will undergo a paradigm shift, with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)

The globe, as we know it, has already undergone substantial modifications due to the beginning of artificial intelligence (AI). These improvements encompass

Welcome to the captivating world of Generative AI Applications, where innovation meets imagination. Generative AI is a cutting-edge technology that empowers machines

In the modern business landscape, many companies face the challenge of fully harnessing the potential benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. However,

It seems like you want to create your AI chatbot. This is indeed a remarkable idea. Presently, anyone can construct chatbots using

The education sector, pushed by technological improvements, is increasingly adopting artificial intelligence (AI) to specify more intelligent classrooms, thereby enhancing the learning

In the modern era, Artificial intelligence has become an essential part. It has great potential to change your business entirely and provides

What happens when you finish ChatGPT and DALL-E? OpenAI has set out to keep the whole tech industry guessing without wasting a

Today’s fast-paced corporate world requires cutting-edge technologies to compete. ChatGPT, a technological marvel, may transform organizations’ operations, interactions, and growth. ChatGPT from

Every period has left its mark on the constructed world via architecture and technology. Modern architecture is entering a new era with

Today, the world depends on the digital solution for every other problem. This solution can be in the form of software, application,

In the past few years, mobile devices and app stores have grown in popularity, which has increased the demand for sophisticated mobile

Currently, our future is driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is driving several crucial considerations for both innovators and businesses. The year

As the digital era takes hold, new and exciting technologies emerge, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken off. As AI continues to

Artificial Intelligence had never been the center of attention on the web before 2022. The launch of ChatGPT has created a stir

In today’s competitive digital world, content holds immense importance for websites, and businesses can reap influential benefits by investing in high-quality and

Devops services and solutions have taken the IT industry by storm for a good reason. To grow an organisation in today’s fast-paced,

In the modern era, the cryptocurrency industry has grown significantly. The sector has drawn the attention of numerous investors and traders globally.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transitioned from a concept explored by visionary scientists in the 1950s to a transformative force shaping businesses and

Machine learning (ML) with Artificial Intelligence has an excellent capacity to do anything. They can analyze X-rays, forecast stock market prices, and

Quantum computing has great potential to revolutionize AI. As we know, Artificial intelligence is already changing the world in ever-increasing ways. With the

In the digital era of AI, Natural language processing (NLP) is one of the primary fields that has experienced substantial growth. Computers can now

Artificial Intelligence is a remarkable creation of mankind. It started as a visionary idea in 1940 and has grown massively today. In

AI is the talk of the town, and it is more than a passing trend. In fact, research shows the flourishing future

The demand for innovative AI solutions has never been more pressing, considering recent technological innovations. Open-source tools have emerged as a crucial

The potential of Edge Artificial Intelligence has been unlocked by recent advancements in edge computing, IoT device adoption, and AI efficacy. This

We all understand the basics of Artificial Intelligence  (AI), a field of computer science that focuses on creating intelligent machines and programming them

The future of graphic design is being transformed by the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With AI-powered tools and algorithms, graphic designers

How Artificial Intelligence Is Turning Up The Digital World With Big Data? Big Data & Artificial Intelligence are two great technologies that

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a driving force across various industries, revolutionizing businesses’ operations and boosting productivity. With its ability to analyze

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two terms often used interchangeably, but they represent distinct concepts within the realm of

In this blog post, we will explore how AI In Aeronautics is helpful across the industry. Artificial intelligence enables experts to access

AI is an innovative technology that makes our lives easier and more comfortable. Recent studies show that enterprises invest significant money in

In today’s fast-paced world, we all want tools and ways to make our lives comfortable. Our search ends with a list of

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become integral to human life in today’s rapidly advancing world. It is transforming various industries and revolutionizing how

Nowadays, organizations are constantly seeking ways to enhance their software development processes and deliver solutions faster. Low-code development has emerged as a

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly evolving field that aims to develop intelligent machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human

The capacity of machines or computers to mimic human thought or decision-making is known as artificial intelligence (AI). After years of speculation

Lead generation is essential to B2B marketing but can take time. But artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to make it more

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the field of marketing analytics, providing powerful tools and insights for businesses. By leveraging AI, marketers can

Artificial Intelligence is no longer confined to playing your favorite songs upon your command. The days are not far when you might

Did you know that the value of the AI market is expected to grow to almost 2 trillion USD by 2030? It’s

AI and IoT are two of the newest and trending technologies reshaping the business landscape. Companies are starting to use these new

In the digital era, Robots are becoming essential to human lives. It is making our lives incredibly comfortable and simple. In the

Space exploration has always been a fascinating endeavor that pushes the boundaries of human knowledge and capabilities. In recent years, the integration

The GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) model has revolutionized the field of natural language processing (NLP) by demonstrating remarkable capabilities in generating human-like

Artificial Intelligence is no longer confined to the pages of sci-fi books; it has become a reality on your streets as self-driving

Mobile apps have been an invaluable asset for businesses. Today, mobile apps offer a variety of features that help users with multiple

Are you weary of wasting time creating code for your next app idea? Have you ever heard of low-code development? For a

Artificial Intelligence is a type of advanced technology that most of us know. AI greatly influences all the significant sectors, including finance,

What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing field that has the potential to revolutionize the way we live

Welcome to your new favourite conversational partner – ChatGPT. As you read this, you might wonder what ChatGPT is about and why

Have you ever wondered how often is AI used and how swiftly it’s broadening its horizons? The current valuation of the AI

Hello, and welcome to the exciting world of artificial intelligence and low-code programming! Businesses in today’s fast-paced digital world continuously seek new

In this constantly evolving digital world, businesses continually look for ways to speed up their software development process while reducing costs. This

In today’s fast-paced business environment, lead management has become a critical function for organizations of all sizes. With the rise of digital

Developing applications can often seem complex, time-consuming, and costly. What if you can create apps without the looming requirement of technical coding

As the world becomes more dependent on digital, organizations strive to create connected and seamless experiences with customers and stay on top.

ChatGPT is an online chatbot that can be used to help with UI/UX design

Staying updated with modern trends is the new business imperative.

The days of waiting months or even years to construct an app are over.

Using ChatGPT to launch your mobile app is easier than you think! Are you ready to take your mobile app

Let Parangat Technologies help you design, build and deploy the perfect Mendix app!

The world is yet on the verge of the most significant technological revolution : the low-code revolutionizing

If you\'re considering a low-code platform for your business, you should be confident that it is secure and scalable.

The cloud-native environment is an ever-evolving landscape of technologies, platforms, and architectures.

Compare OutSystems and Mendix to see which is the best low-code development

Development cycles using low code can be a great way to start your projects. Low-code development is becoming

With low-code applications, you can build custom software solutions

Learn how to use low code to build a variety of applications including a content tool for your business

Building and deploying software that addresses current business needs and requirements is challenging.

A low-code platform makes it easy to develop custom solutions by providing an intuitive user interface.

Read on to discover the truth behind low-code automation myths.

Low code development allows developers to build custom solutions

In this global era, every organization utilizes applications to bridge the gap between their customers and services.

Mendix is an enterprise software development platform that allows developers to build applications

What is Outsystems? What is low code development?

A blockchain is a public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions that is available to view and audit by anyone.

Data is considered one of the world\'s most important assets. Hence, the need to protect it from being hacked

Low-code is a software development method that allows non-coders

Low-code is the easiest way to create business applications. It\'s a simple and fast way to create software that works...

The cost of developing a blockchain application can be divided into three parts: the development of the core technology,

Today, low code is not merely a buzzword; it has become an industry reality. Industry reports have predicted that by 2025,

Mendix is one of the popular Low code application platforms which has eliminated various conventional

The Covid-19 outbreak drove many businesses to speed up their digital

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have increasingly used the term \'metaverse\' since Facebook rebranded

According to App Annie, users spent 3.8 trillion hours using mobile apps in 2021. According to Statista,

As we previously stated, it appears like blockchain technology, or Distributed Ledger Technology(DLT), is poised to transform every element

If you\'ve already come up with a great idea to create a mobile app that will transform the world

Android and iOS are the two most popular platforms for native app development. Throughout the world,

Till now, we have seen how blockchain has been disrupting multiple industries, transforming the way

Blockchain is a distributed and immutable ledger that helps companies record transactions and manage assets

People still treat the creation of mobile apps as a standalone project,

Suppose you want to outsource your mobile app development services without involving your in-house team

Mobile applications are becoming increasingly prominent as a means by which companies

NFTs have been incredibly popular during the pandemic, driving many investors to wonder how to buy them. Artists and speculators have

NFTs are spreading like wildfire, and NFT marketing strategies are catching on like greased lightning.

\"Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are non-transferable units of data that exist on a blockchain and can be purchased or

Blockchain was introduced in the year 2009 and faced a lot of criticism. Only a few acknowledged the disruptive

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are non-transferable units of data that exist on a blockchain and can be purchased

Along with emerging technologies like Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality,

Welcome to the Metaverse, where our digital and physical worlds collide. Imagine your avatar entering

Big Data has been around for a while, and blockchain technology is currently riding the top of the wave

Imagine a virtual environment where you can go through your everyday routine from your comfort home.

The rapid growth of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies has altered the financial industry

Blockchain technology has been accompanied by a lot of hype, which has attracted the interest of many corporate

Do you think Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) are the same? No.

Since its introduction, blockchain technology has gained significant attention due to its unique immutability,

Despite this massive investment in cybersecurity, cybercriminals continue to attack known

As the world progresses towards extremely transparent and highly robust

Since the creation of the first public blockchain to allow bitcoin transactions, blockchain technology

Blockchain technology seems to be picking up speed these days.

Blockchain vs Database has become a hot topic for debate amongst the tech world

From an extremely humble beginning in 2018, with 0.28 bn USD market size in 2018,

In 2021, a digital art piece titled “Beeple\'s \"Everydays: the First 5000 Days” was sold for 69 mn USD via an NFT

While 90% of the smartphone time is spent on using different kinds of apps, the year 2021 accounted

Also referred to as the Distributed Ledger Technology or DLT, blockchain technology is one of the emerging

Mobile app development has gained quite some pace in recent years, especially considering that there are over

The third quarter of 2021 alone accounted for 27.6 bn app downloads from Google Play

The global Blockchain market is projected to stand at 39 bn USD by 2025 as the

Before we discuss how to make an app like Zomato, let us have a look at some stats! The global food delivery service

With 218 billion mobile apps downloaded in 2020 and the mobile app revenue to hit the 935 billion dollar mark

Is outsourcing new terms for us? Well, I don’t think it’s something new. Over time, millions of apps

Outsource development has become the most prominent internal function in the aftermath of COVID-19,

Video conferencing apps have suddenly seen a massive boom amidst coronavirus pandemic.

Mobile commerce, popularly known as m-commerce, is a medium that helps people

Parangat is on cloud seven, because of the Latakoo. The co-founder of the Latakoo app is going to be rewarded.

Blockchain can influence our daily life, it becomes important that it is able to connect to various business application

A blockchain is a decentralized, distributed record or “ledger” of transactions in which the

Top 10 STO Service Providers in 2019 For many years, IPOs were the primary way for investors

With the art of app designing taking a more aesthetic approach, designing the UI in a way users

In today’s era, everyone is quite aware of the fact that the competition is way beyond limits.

In our previous article, we have very well established the importance of a mobile app

Written copy never dies. No matter how engaging or how creative your visuals are, people still need information

When it comes to the life of an entrepreneur or startup founder their life is pretty

Cryptocurrency\'s fever is spreading like wildfire. Out of the total wealth out there (approximately $84 trillion).

In our previous post we’ve shared 2 exceptional stories of Ramayan which included

Namaste! Diwali is here. The festival has been celebrated for the ages in India.

Our 3P’s - People, Processes and Performance are the keystones of our excellence. We keenly promote an open culture,

Parangat is a world-class mobile app development and services company with expertise across all the major

Recently Flurry published a report “It’s an App World. The Web Just Lives in It”,

In recent years, the rate of mobile adoption is increasing rapidly among businesses. Why? – Because sleeker

Gone are those days when food places, cafes and coffee shops use traditional marketing and advertising

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