Infrastructure & Life at Parangat

Our 3P’s – People, Processes and Performance are the keystones of our excellence. We keenly promote an open culture, encourage frequent feedback, and we respond actively and speedily to transform it into action. Parangat 150+ mobility experts in different domains such as research, project management, programming, business analysis, support team, database administration, creative designing and quality assurance know that excellence is not a destination but a journey of continuous improvement .Understanding that in this rapidly changing and competitive world we can neither afford to be satisfied nor depend on past successes, we at Parangat listen frequently to what our employees say and feel. We strive to provide an inspiring environment to motivate, empower and remove hindrances that hamper creativity and our work. Our energized atmosphere enable us to share successes while setting new standards of excellence.For Us, Improving is a Constant Process Started with a bundle of tech nerds just a few years back, Parangat today has amazing team of over 50 industry experts and professionals. Our workplace is a learning institute in itself and the place is spectacularly customized to business and employees requirements. We ensure that we provide a comfortable and refreshing working environment to our employees that enable them to deliver outstanding results.The Spirit of Parangat is at the core of Parangat’s work culture and life. The spirit is rooted both in current reality as well as representing what Parangat aspires to be. And, that enable us to deliver services and solutions beyond excellence.


Parangat consider the security as one of the key factors while working on any project and gives the top priority to security of every project it works on. Our upgraded tracking software and tools help our teams frequently track the progress of project allotted. The employees working in the company have agreed and signed the confidential paper that states ‘do not disclose the technology or any such crucial information’ outside the developmental hub premises. Every person working in Parangat believes and follows the code of ethics to protect the privacy and work on allotted projects with dedication.Secured development environment (All projects on SVN)

Electronic punch card system

CCTV camera

Every employee obeys the code of ethics

Prohibition on pen drives, laptops, HDD etc

Employees’ Paradise

We believe that our employees are asset of our company. And, that’s why we provide them best working environment and culture to ensure best results from every brain we hire. We keep them encouraged and cheerful without compromising our work and ethics. We have been told by our employees that Parangat is a paradise for them where they build their professional profile while exploring the new world of technology. Our structured work processes and open culture help us in retaining employees, aggregating company’s productivity and expertise. And that’s why we generate most of our business and revenue from our existing satisfied clients who have been with us since long time. Our approach and team has always helped us in getting new clients as a part of our climbing growth.

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