Why Restaurants and Coffee Shops Need A Mobile App?

Gone are those days when food places, cafes and coffee shops use traditional marketing and advertising strategies to reach the masses. Now, it’s time to get inside at least one of the gadgets that people can’t live without – laptops, computers, smartphones and tablets. We can’t imagine our life today without at least one of these gadgets. Why?? – Because we trust and depend them with a lot of our daily activities: recapping about meeting and events, watching weather changes, tracking health issues and finding our favorite foods nearby. Over the years, as the number of mobile users has grown, mobile applications have also increased and have become an essential part of every brand and business, irrespective of their size and industry. And, so is the scenario of restaurant industry. In order to catch up, and stay ahead of the competitors’ business, every food business must get their own fully customized and user-friendly restaurant app with a robust back end support which allows restaurant owners and managers to manage and customize their processes and services.
Restaurant apps have advanced into something more than an application that provide users keep track of their favorite food places. As these apps provide all-in-one benefits that includes tasty browsing experience, easy reservations, checking out menus, reading online reviews, one-touch communication, social integrations, analytics and even ordering in few clicks. Now many restaurant owners uses their apps not only to delight customers, but also to keep their clientele close to them virtually. Due to this restaurant businesses are topping the list of industries going mobile.

Restaurateurs leveraging mobility to revolutionize the dining experience

Mobile is giving location-based targeting and marketing a major boost, and that’s why it is offering an exceptional benefit for restaurateurs to reach their potential mobile users. In 2013, a rapid increase in use of mobile site and mobile apps is seen in restaurant industry: More than half of food-joints had a mobile site, and almost 30% had a mobile app. Due to lower overhead costs and additional data about their consumers, restaurant owners are also rapidly looking for apps that can provide a competitive edge to their businesses. According to recent surveys, smartphone and tablets users have increased into over 73 million people in the United States alone. These patrons are majorly interested in basic information, especially exploring their favorite hangouts. In recent years, a rapid increase in adoption of these restaurant applications is found because they offer the opportunity to get and retain both local and out-of-town clients without spending much. Menus topped the list as one of most common features in restaurant apps.

A restaurant search feature that includes location-based GPS is also one of the most popular and required features, especially among chain restaurants that have many divisions in many different locations.

Moreover, developing a mobile app is basically offering your patrons to get-in-touch with your services in just few clicks. It is basically a much better way of reaching to your customers than making them to go to a website and stumble across your competitors while hunting for you. Some benefits of restaurant mobile apps are:

1) Increases your Customer Base and Engagement

2) Lets you improve dining experience

3) Increases Customers Retention

4) Optimizes process and reduces time

5) Lets you know your Customers

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