OutSystems:- A New Low-Code Platform For Fast Digital Transformation

OutSystems_- A New Low-Code Platform For Fast Digital Transformation

As the world becomes more dependent on digital, organizations strive to create connected and seamless experiences with customers and stay on top. The emerging low-code platforms continue to smooth the transit from traditional app development to code-free and easy app creation and aid in offering exceptional customer services. Recent studies predict almost 70% of applications will use low-code technology by 2025.

Further, around 75% of firms will employ low code for business app development. Consequently, the low-code development platform is estimated to reach $35.2 billion worldwide by 2030. And OutSystems stands at the forefront of the sector with its fair share of perks.

Whether you are a budding developer or have been coding for years, OutSystems low-code has something for everyone. It is time for you to turn your hands to indulge in the numerous advantages of low code by leveraging OutSystems.

All that is fine, but what precisely makes OutSystems the better alternative for a faster transformation? This article will give you an insight into what OutSystems low-code is, its workings, and the benefits of OutSystems. So read ahead!

Reasons To Choose Low-Code Technology Platform

There are many reasons why companies are switching their legacy systems to a more modern approach, digital transformation being the foremost reason. It is crucial for businesses in the present fast-paced market. However, traditional software development methods require chunks of coding and turn the seemingly engaging process into a slow and expensive task for you and your IT team. It often causes you to lag behind the advancements, making it tricky to keep up with the pace of digital change. A few of the reasons to switch to low-code platforms include:

1. Faster Time-to-Market

You can swiftly design and deploy apps using low-code application development and lower time-to-market. Low code elevates the application development process by a factor of 10. It means developers get more time to brainstorm, create, test, and deploy new applications in days.

2. Improved Productivity

Low code optimizes front- and back-end processes and streamlines internal operations and workflows. It, in turn, enhances productivity and makes the development process more efficient. Thus, you can achieve digital transformation goals faster than traditional software development methods.

3. Lower Costs

A company spends around $3.61 per line of code. It implies an average application with 300,000 lines of code costs $1,083,000. OutSystems low-code helps you save money on development by significantly lowering development time and boosting productivity. OutSystems also has a pay-per-use pricing model, which ensures that businesses only pay for the resources they use.

4. Enterprise-level Development

When it comes to low code, less is more. You need not write heavy-duty code to create business applications; you can develop apps for millions of users in no time. Applications built using OutSystems low-code have the caliber to access full native capabilities and APIs. They include notifications, cameras, barcode scanners, Bluetooth, geolocation, and more.

5. Faster Digital Transformation

Low code application development comes as a savior in such times. It helps you adapt the novel technology without stressing your IT team. IT operations occur in dynamic contexts and require quick customization possibilities in the software development process. Luckily that is one of the many benefits of low-code. These platforms shorten the time to market and minimize backlogs, allowing you to achieve value sooner.

OutSystems: An Overview

The rapid digital transformation, intelligent communication designs, technological advancements, and remarkable increase in data traffic are the prominent factors fueling the demand for OutSystems low-code. OutSystems furnish everything from A to Z to create, manage, alter, and update your mobile and web application.

  • OutSystems is a low-code platform for developing enterprise-grade applications with little or no coding.
  • It encourages exponentially fast, model-driven visual development suitable for AI, cloud, and DevOps.
  • It can prevent backlogs while delivering excellent apps that respond to the altering needs of your venture.
  • It offers customizable templates and modules to gear up development.
  • It supports multi-platform development and enables you to engineer web, mobile, and desktop applications.

OutSystems is an agile and adaptable low-code platform offering several features and benefits for enterprises wishing to create and deploy enterprise-grade applications quickly and effectively. Its drag-and-drop visual interface, configurable templates, and multi-platform compatibility make it a fantastic alternative for businesses wanting to simplify their app development process.

OutSystems: Review

Outsystem is a well-known name among the main low-code and no-code platforms for internal apps. Enterprises value low-code technology to meet their diverse needs. About 83% of firms employ it for flexibility, 63% for speed, and 67% emphasize process automation.

  • OutSystems help you catch up with the trends and equip your mobile applications with desired features.
  • It offers drag-and-drop calibers and graphic UI to simplify app development and pave the way for one-click deployment.
  • It allows you to integrate innovative functions and tools in your existing platform and on-premise cloud databases.
  • OutSystems prioritizes workplace innovation, process automation, and customer experience.
  • Citizen Developers can use OutSystems to develop apps without much coding.

You can rely on it to expedite the exhausting app development process. OutSystems low-code offers a dependable and effective solution to engineering premium apps in no time with its agile development process, interaction with third-party tools, and outstanding customer support and community resources.

Features of OutSystems

OutSystems is a powerful low-code platform that provides various features and benefits for organizations wishing to expedite their app development process.

  • Drag-and-drop Visual Interface

OutSystems provides a drag-and-drop visual interface that allows developers to build apps by dragging and dropping elements onto a canvas. You can select the preferred components and connect them to build an app.

  • Customizable Templates and Modules

OutSystems delivers various customized templates and modules that can accelerate the development process. You can tailor the available templates, modules, pre-built user interface components, connectors, and business logic to meet unique needs.

  • Multi-platform Development

OutSystems accustoms multi-platform development. It implies you can design and operate apps on multiple platforms, like web, mobile, and desktop.

  • Agile Development Methodology

OutSystems adheres to an agile development style. It accentuates cooperation, adaptability, and continual improvement. This approach allows you to quickly revert to changing business requirements and customer needs.

  • Third-party Tool Integration

OutSystems easily links with third-party tools, including CRM systems, databases, and cloud services. You can effortlessly leverage third-party tools in your existing resources and infrastructure to improvise and enrich your app.

  • Built-in Security

Many firms move data between multiple applications with spreadsheets and share it via email. All it takes is a password and email to compromise your customer data. Low code puts top-level cybersecurity on the table. The in-built features like access control, single sign-on, encryption, identity management, and automated alerts propose a reliable application.

Benefits of OutSystems

OutSystems bind data and tools to form a robust digital workforce. It enhances productivity, retention, safety, and employee engagement. The advantage of OutSystems is almost innumerable, especially when you leverage it to complement your business needs and provide pleasant customer service.

1. Rapid Development

OutSystems low-code enables businesses to build complex applications in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional development methods. It redefines set boundaries by furnishing an intuitive visual interface and presents tools that underpin offline app creation. You can reduce your enterprise application development time by up to 60% using low code.

The pre-built components and templates allow developers to focus on the application functionality instead of penning long codes. This rapid development approach shortens the time to market and aids you in staying ahead of the competition and adapting quickly to changing market conditions.

2. Scalability

Out of the several benefits of low code, the simplified process of matching the latest trends steals the spotlight. Organizations today operate at warp speed. It implies that you must complete years’ worth of digital transformation in a matter of months to meet modern needs. The cumbersome traditional software development method comes with long development cycles, extended testing and deployment period, and an unnecessary pinch of high costs- something you certainly don’t want in your firm.

OutSystems enables you to fabricate highly scalable applications. When innovative features enter the market, you can incorporate them into your platform with a few clicks. You can modernize your system and re-platform the aging and customized apps with the utmost speed and agility.

3. Improves Collaboration

Low-code facilitates better collaboration and teamwork in enterprises. 2 out of every four low-code users report more collaboration in their firm. The OutSystems platform provides a collaborative and agile development environment. It enables developers and business stakeholders to work together on applications in real time. This felicitous teamwork results in better communication, faster decision-making, and more successful outcomes.

OutSystems presents the best of both worlds and offers engagement tools like feedback loops, user stories, revision tracking, messaging, and more. You can rest assured your low-code application will fulfill all the essential standards and give the expected results by incorporating all stakeholders in the development process.

4. Better User Experience

OutSystems low-code enables you to create user-friendly and intuitive applications. The pre-built templates and elements allow you to construct aesthetically appealing apps that fit the demands of your consumers. You can develop applications that promise easy navigation and seamless flow to users.

It will help boost customer happiness and loyalty by offering a flawless user experience, resulting in higher revenue and expansion potential. The improved user experience also minimizes the need for intensive training and support, lowering total ownership costs.

5. Enhances Citizen Development

Enterprises want immediate customized solutions that address their pain points and automate specific tasks. Unfortunately, many firms feel pressured to achieve the desired outcomes as their developers endure the ultimate code-writing process. Further, the app demand is five times higher than the available IT capacity. That is how citizen development emerged as a movement to overcome this obstacle.

Managers working in the company undertake the development task to deliver exact solutions that tick off their needs. However, their lack of technical knowledge constrains their ability to build efficient and responsive apps. OutSystems low-code facilitates citizen developers in designing top-grade apps with its impressive technical stack. Gartner predicts that about 80% of non-professional IT will create apps using the interactive benefits of low code by 2024.

6. Dynamic Case Management

OutSystems perfectly combines processes, information, and people to organize complex tasks. You can design, craft, and monitor an application to suit your business requirements. In addition, OutSystems enables you to constantly enhance ideal-fit case management apps to boost their speed and functionality. 

About 72% of IT leaders admit that ticket backlogs interfere with their strategic projects. As a result, they spend much of their time fixing and maintaining legacy systems. OutSystems’ low code enables IT and skilled workers to resolve complex and complicated issues that require input from multiple sources.

OutSystems Low-Code: Elevating The Digital Experience

Given the limitless benefits of low code, it is all set to become the next big thing in the IT sector. Research predicts that low-code platforms will account for 65% of application development activities by 2024. OutSystems can relatively save your time and effort while guaranteeing high-quality applications that meet your specific needs.

Regardless you are operating a small business or a major corporation, it is time to reap the benefits of OutSystems in all ways possible. However, it can be challenging to implement a new technology alone with no technical background. Hence, seeking professional assistance is the ideal way to proceed with the process to detour any mistakes.

If you are looking for a reliable companion to guide you through, Parangat is the finest answer! Our services go beyond consultation and expert advice. We engineer feasible and responsive mobile applications to give you an edge in the market. Partner with us to explore the benefits of OutSystems platforms now to drive innovation, streamline operations, and flourish in the digital age!

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