How Secure and Scalable are Low-Code Platforms?

How Secure and Scalable are Low-Code Platforms

If you’re considering a low-code platform for your business, you should be confident that it is secure and scalable. Due to a significant increase in app users, app development has come to the top of the priority list. As a result, low-code platforms are redefining application development and helping organizations boost the deployment of new apps. This is the reason why low-code platforms are becoming more popular. Here is a statistics on the average growth of the global low-code market.

This article will explore Low-code security and scalability capabilities and how the Parangat platform can help your organization scale quickly and securely. 

Low Code – What is it?

Low-code development is a revolutionary new way for businesses to create applications quickly and efficiently. It’s an automated, user-friendly approach that allows developers to focus on the core of their software without investing in complex coding and programming.

With low-code development, users can easily design, develop, and deploy sophisticated applications without requiring specialized knowledge or training. Low code tools have drag-and-drop interfaces that make it easy to build applications quickly with minimal investment and time. The intuitive visual environment lets users see how each part of their application works together in real-time, making it easier than ever before to test changes or add features as needed. Here is a statistics on why low-code is essential.

Low-code security automation is integrated into various encryption business and security processes and speeds up development cycles while enhancing enterprise solutions and security workflows.

Is Low Code Scalable?

According to Gartner, by 2024, low-code development will contribute to almost 65% of all application development efforts. The ability of a specific part of application software to adjust to shifting organisational resources, expansion, demands, and more without losing efficiency is known as scalability. Scalability is a significant factor for any business since it helps fulfil the demands of organisational expansion. Every application your company creates and uses should also be highly scalable.

Low code development is faster as compared to traditional development. Platforms that require little or no coding, such as no-code and low-code, can relieve the burden on IT employees by enabling business users to create their applications. Working with no-code and low-code platforms only requires minimal coding knowledge.

Here is a statistics on global low-code development speed compared to traditional development.


How to Measure Low-Code Scalability?

Low-code scalability is an important factor to consider when developing applications, as it can significantly impact the success and longevity of the product. It is vital to understand how low-code scalability can be measured to ensure that applications can scale efficiently and effectively. Let’s discuss two types of scalability strategies for accurately measuring low-code scalability.

1. Run-Time Scalability

Run-Time scalability is an important factor that distinguishes low-code for enterprise clients from low-code for pro-devs. It is the less complex of the two low-code scalability criteria and is frequently considered by industry analysts. Run-Time scalability can boost deployed applications’ capacity and deliver quick user experiences for sizable user bases and compute-intensive processes.

Similarly, Gartner states that enterprise LCAPs are “used to create enterprise-class applications that demand” (among several other things) high availability, performance, and scalability in its Magic Quadrant for Business Low-Code Applications Platforms.

2. Dev-time Scalability

A dev-time scalability strategy is an ideal approach for measuring low-code scalability. This strategy evaluates components of a platform during its development phase, providing insight into the potential performance of an application before it goes live. With this approach, teams can identify bottlenecks in their systems early on and proactively address them, ensuring they are equipped with the resources needed to support expanding usage scenarios. This helps maximise ROI by avoiding costly performance issues down the line!

How Can a Low-Code Platform Deliver Enterprise Scalability?

Low code can provide Dev-time and run-time development scalability. Multiple developers can program various use cases across teams and locations thanks to dev-time scalability, which results in the delivery of extensive and connected application portfolios. Dev-time scalability refers to a low-code platform’s ability to meet an organisation’s evolving needs. There are other factors linked to dev-time scalabilities, like,

  1. Simple platform onboarding for new developers.
  2. Give role-based access.
  3. Facilitating citizen developers’ and programmers’ collaboration.
  4. Ability to add unique code to the application that has been created.
  5. A variety of tools for collaboration make it simpler to replicate prebuilt components
  6. Easier interaction and integration with already-in-use tools

Run-time scalability refers to an application’s capacity to deliver quick user experiences on low-code platforms. With the highest levels of dependability and efficiency, run-time scalability enables many users to carry out computationally intensive activities. Some characteristics of run-time scalability include the following:

  1. Automating tasks for quicker deployment.
  2. Containerization enables rapid development.
  3. More straightforward deployment to multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, or any cloud settings.
  4. The incorporation of CI/CD pipelines.
  5. Allowing the developer to deploy programs as needed freely.

Parangat Low Code Solution

Parangat mobile App development company is revolutionizing how businesses create and manage digital products. With its innovative low-code solution, Parangat provides businesses with a flexible and efficient approach to building powerful Applications.

Parangat provides services for the Mendix and OutSystems platforms. These platforms are low-code development tools that allow faster and more efficient app development by providing pre-built components and modules. Parangat’s team of developers is well-versed in these platforms and can help clients to create custom enterprise applications that meet their specific needs.  Let’s talk about how Parangat can help you with low-code software services.

Low-code Software Services

Parangat can assist you in providing the best low-code services to lead your industry. They are here to help you choose the best low-code solutions so that you can quickly build apps tailored to your company’s requirements.

1. Application Development

Use their low-code development expertise to create pixel-perfect, flexible web and mobile apps quickly. Whether a mission-critical app or a custom one, our developers will work with you to finish it promptly.

2. Technical Assistance

Quick access to our experts will help you stay on top of things, whether you need to fix a bug or create a new version of one of your apps. Our support team performs routine maintenance to ensure that your app never gets outdated.

3. Outsourced Services

Low-code experts could provide your team with a competitive advantage. If you require a solo developer for a few days or a packed team for a while, you can use the services to develop cutting-edge applications within your timescale and price range.

4. Infrastructure Assistance

The low-code framework is adaptable enough to balance development and delivery so that none of your projects suffers. Continuing “business as usual” can be maintained as you update your procedures. Low-code security allows companies to create secure applications quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality or compromising their data security.

5. Rapid Development

You will receive all-encompassing web, mobile development, and UI/UX assistance from their carefully chosen experts.


Mendix is an innovative, cloud-based platform revolutionizing how businesses develop and deploy applications. Mendix’s Low-Code Application Development Platform provides all the tools needed to quickly build robust, data-driven applications without requiring extensive coding knowledge. 

Its drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy for developers to create custom apps with complex logic – even if they don’t have much technical experience! With Mendix, organizations can save time and money while getting their products to market faster than ever. 

In addition, Mendix offers comprehensive support services from start to finish – from design sprints that help teams get up to speed quickly on product development through successful deployment in production environments.

Critical Elements of Parangat’s Low-code App Development

They utilise Mendix’s platform features to the fullest extent possible to give you the best outcomes in the business. The functionalities they provide through the Mendix low-code development platform are listed below. With their complete low code development services, they give the greatest evolutionary support to help businesses optimise their advantages in their advanced excellence niche.

1. App Development

Use specialised IDEs and common visual languages to facilitate co-creation among various developers to quickly and successfully achieve business objectives.

2. Cloud Services

Without specialised skills, develop and deliver portable, scalable apps. Anywhere you want to deploy, just click.

3. Multi Experience

Intelligent applications have a strong visual design, are context-aware, and provide excellent user experiences across a range of touchpoints and modalities.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Use smart apps to easily connect cognitive and AI services to enhance your offering.

5. Advanced Automation

Applications that combine data, people, and technology may automate processes from beginning to end.

6. Data Integration

Open and adaptable at every level—platforms, models, and applications. Integrate knowledge and logic from any service, system, or data source.


Outsystems is the ultimate platform for developing and deploying enterprise-level applications. It offers a complete solution to build, deploy, manage, and change digital experiences faster than ever. From new mobile & web apps to existing system integrations, Outsystems is the perfect choice for building amazing customer experiences quickly and cost-effectively. 

Outsystems has been trusted by leading organisations worldwide, including NASA, HPE, and Vodafone. The comprehensive platform enables users to create amazing applications with unparalleled speed, flexibility, and scalability. Its low-code development approach reduces development time without compromising quality or capability, allowing business owners to get their products out into the market faster.

Critical Elements of Parangat’s Outsystems App Development

Low-code Parangat applications open up a universe of innovations and solutions to these problems. The OutSystems development company provides the following features to assist their clients in their line of work:

1. Personalised Application Development

In addition to creating OutSystems applications using the “standard” method, they also provide specialised services. You can define your specifications, and their professionals will create an application that meets all the requirements.

2. Excellent User-Interface

The duty of creating the layout for the app was given to Parangat web developers. Creating an appealing interface is essential since it attracts the user’s attention. Designers at Parangat provide exacting designs. After the client agrees to the concept, they use the layout and design.

3. Data Integration

For users, data integration is essential. You can create software and apps with various integration options with the help of the Parangat low-code application. By enhancing the integration of AI, IoT, and machine learning capabilities into your applications, their OutSystems development firm broadens the scope of its services.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Parangat OutSystems platform makes it simple to integrate AI into apps (Artificial Intelligence). Additionally, it improves productivity, lowers costs, and opens up new revenue streams. Their customised apps include the three primary facets of AI: cognitive services, conversational experiences, and personalised machine learning.

5. Reasonable Rates

OutSystems app development services are available from Parangat at a competitive price. It is adaptable and specifically designed for businesses and organisations. Customers receive a price quote and can choose any option that suits their preferences. Prangat OutSystems services allow you to build perfect apps at a reasonable cost.

Low Code Platform: The Need Of The Hour 

To sum up,low-code platforms are an exciting way to build scalable, secure software. They’re easy to learn and use and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any organisation. With low-code platforms, developers can quickly create robust applications without understanding code or programming fundamentals. It makes them an excellent choice for organizations that want to save time and money on software development projects.

Parangat mobile app development company is a great choice for all your custom app development needs. With their expertise in the mobile app space, they offer top-notch solutions tailored to meet clients’ specific requirements. They also have a team of expert developers who can help you get started immediately and bring your ideas to life. Their commitment to quality, customer service, and innovation make them an ideal partner for any business looking to develop a successful mobile application. So why wait? Visit Today!

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