Outsourcing Android App Development

In our previous article, we have very well established the importance of a mobile app for business. The perks and effects of having an app are discussed in detail. But for any enterprise or business that wishes to have a Mobile Application fit for their purpose, the foremost thing is to pen down or specify the requirements of app development, the look-n-feel, and the goal of the app. Questions like whether the business needs the app for a dedicated platform or diverse platforms. What extra enhancements are needed to be added? If it is specifically for a niche market or the public?

Once these questions are answered and one has decided to have an app for the business, they must ask one most important question which is, “Whether to build the app in-house or hire professionals with expertise in the Android app development field?” For in-house development, the company needs to go through hiring developers, budgeting the development process, switching their emphasis, and having one more headache. To avoid all these overheads, rather than relying on in-house development, most companies these days go with outsourcing for Android App Development Companies in the market with appropriate knowledge and experienced developers.

Key Reasons to Outsource Android App Development

In the present scenario, every business wants to have a complete focus on their product/service and have all their resources dedicated to handling only the business and nothing else. Most of the big companies these days have started outsourcing even their organizational departments like HR and Finance. This not only helps them stay focused on their prime business objective but also reduces departmental overheads and optimizes the work efficiency, because once the work is outsourced every organization hands it over to the best company in the market.

So if the organization is deciding to have an Android app developed, or an iOS app developed, the main reasons to outsource the app development are:

  • Lack of expertise:

    Most of the time, the organizations do not have the in-house expertise to develop an Android or iOS app. When you outsource app development, you hand it over to people who are more experienced in the Android/iOS app development field. All you will need to do is to find resources or companies whose core is development or proper app development companies. Then you will need a single point of contact in your company, who can supervise the activities of the outsourced company.

  • Cost efficient:

    App development cost when it is outsourced is ultimately less considering the costs if you first hire experts to develop the app and then pay them enough time and money for the development and tackle the overheads in the process. Thus, it is much more efficient in cost to let the app development be outsourced.

  • Time-Saving:

    If the app is to be developed in-house, this may result in distractions from the real business and a shift of focus. The overheads of recruiting, training, and briefing developers need to be considered. Also, many case histories have proved that this results in delays from the deadlines. Whereas, in the case of having the best app outsourcing companies handling the development of your Android/iOS app, deadlines, and quality are the most guaranteed features saving time for the organization.

  • Accuracy:

    Having experts handling your Android app development, efficiency, and accuracy are well ensured. Any mobile app outsourcing company will always, at any cost, ensure that they deliver accurate and satisfying apps to have a proper business.

These key points are the main reasons why outsourcing an app is the best idea and is highly cost-efficient. The best possible alternative would be to outsource iOS/Android app development to an outsourcing partner so that you not only save time and money but also receive a high-quality full-proof mobile app developed that can hit the market faster and wider.


Today, India is one of the leading outsourcing service providers in the market of mobile app development at cheaper rates than most of its competitors. With a per-hour charge significantly lower than that in the USA, UK, or Canada ($18-$20 as compared to $225-$250 ) (Source), India has an upper hand over its counterparts.

At the same time, outsourcing iOS/Android app development to India helps businesses receive access to a significantly large pool of talented mobile app developers who can realize, evaluate, and enhance your applications\’ full potential. Also, India has a tremendous market of all classes and all varieties of users which provides a better target market for any business.

One big reason for iOS/Android app development outsourcing to India is the Favourable Government Policies. To support the app development and outsourcing industry, the Indian government provides 100% foreign equity and backs IT infrastructure development in all major metros. The Indian IT domain comes under the IT Act 2000 is the largest invested domain in the country and has helped in propelling India\’s image as an outsourcing destination to outsiders. (Source)

Best App Outsourcing Companies

The Android app development market has flourished in the past few years beyond leaps and bounds. Since the idea of outsourcing an app idea or outsourcing the development of the app, be it for an Android platform or an iOS platform, many companies have emerged in the market to gain the benefits of this business. Considering the huge potential in the app development outsourcing market, there are many companies in today’s time that are completely dedicated to this development process. This Link provides a complete list of the best mobile app outsourcing companies in India with their primary features.

One can consider this list in the above link for outsourcing the iOS/Android app development process.


To sum up, considering the above-mentioned benefits and facts, it’s worth considering outsourcing your mobile app development to the best app outsourcing companies To decide which app outsourcing company is the best, one must consider their requirements and deadlines and find the best fit among the pool of all companies available. The quality-price ratio is one of the important motivators, but it’s not the only one driving the choice here.

In India, you will not only find the best android app development companies, but also high-potential, cost-efficient developers, satisfying work delivered in your required period. And a huge market that you can target if your business meets that criteria.

Good luck with your app development and choosing the best outsourcing company!

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