How to Increase Brand Awareness using Mobile Games

Recently Flurry published a report “It’s an App World. The Web Just Lives in It”, and as per its Five Year Report: “out of an average of 2 hours and 38 minutes per day on smartphones and tablets, a U.S. consumer spends 80% of that time (i.e. 2 hours and 7 minutes) on apps. And, they also found that mobile gaming apps have become the largest category of apps and that too they spent 32% of time on them.”

Undoubtedly, mobile games can provide endless opportunities for your company. A well-versed and developed game can help you enhance brand awareness, thus, creating a high-tech brand image of the company. By gathering rich data from your gaming app and employing it with your target customers in a better way, you can help your company gain value and revenue. Moreover, gaming apps can also be used to launch new products or services or can be used to promote the existing ones most amazingly by collecting feedback and opinions of the users. And, through gaming apps, you can enjoy a constant influx of revenue and profit, too.

Here are a few easy steps that you can follow to increase your Brand Awareness with the help of your top-notch games:-

1- Find and Define Your Mobile Marketing Strategies and objectives

To know how your gaming apps can help you in crafting kink-free marketing strategies, ensure that you have crafted a well-versed and defined set of mobile marketing objectives. Well-defined marketing strategies will not only dictate a successful marketing campaign but will also help you measure the results accurately. Why not spend ample time and energy in perfecting and employing the mobile marketing strategies that will enable you to achieve your objectives? While crafting marketing strategies, ensure that the ‘message’ you are planning to convey must align with your brand’s products or services. Additionally, also define your Target Audience whom you wish to reach out to because the entire process of developing and strategizing your branded game will majorly depend a lot on what your target audience likes or doesn’t like.

2- Hire A dexterous Game Development Team To create your game

For getting a business-centric gaming app, you can hire a dexterous mobile game app developer instead of wasting your time on developing a game app on your own from scratch. Hire experienced and reputed gaming app developers who have extensive experience in developing apps and who can do all the tedious and technical work for your gaming app. Outsourcing the development and launch part of your gaming app will not only lower the costs associated and avoid additional expenses, but it will also result in getting a revenue-centric and user-centric mobile gaming app.

However, while getting your app developed, keenly observe your app and pay extra attention to the development process and methodologies. By keenly observing your app development process, you can help developers in improving your app’s performance. Your mobile app gaming strategies will help improve the company’s image, which in turn, results in better communication and improved revenue. And, to keep the user intrigued and engaged, you can imbibe fun facts like discount coupons, the latest happenings, etc. A well-designed and developed branded mobile gaming app tailored to target audiences, undoubtedly, will help in improving your brand’s visibility and revenue. Here’s is list of a few of the user-friendly and easy-to-play features that you should add to make your game captivating and user-centric:

1) The User Interface (UI) of the mobile game app should be visually impressive and appealing;

2) Your gaming app’s audio and soundtrack should entice and delight the user;

3) Integrated In-app incentives should be destined to motivate users so that they can play and involve their peers with the game;

4) Within the game there must be an option where users can socially share your posts.

To know more about the steps involved in developing a mobile gaming app, outsource a mobile app development company wisely. Parangat Technologies is a top-notch Mobile Application Development Company, based in India, backed by a wealth of experience and extensive expertise across all industry verticals. Mobility has transformed business processes and communication with customers and is now reformulating the way people and technology interact with each other. Now, for businesses, right from startups to enterprises, the key to success is to embrace an enterprise mobile strategy that can provide solutions to user needs accelerate innovation, and bring a competitive edge to their businesses.

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